MAKING SENSE OF THE DATA - data signal processing and fusion, AI and machine learning

Our core R&D strategy, in employing our unmanned aerial systems to find objects or people, is to maximise the likelihood of target detection through combining a number of complementary sensing systems.

Data fusion
A developing technique in which output information from several detection systems is grouped and compared, achieving full potential from every available method, avoiding the weaknesses of each.

Digital signalling and machine learning
Intelligent processing to produce clear indication of the target/threat. The use of machine-learning approaches in the processing phases of the project further increases sensitivity and specificity.

Advanced data processing and novel algorithms
These detection algorithms play a significant role in improving performance and are the best method to present the operational user with a user-friendly image with high probability of detection and identification.

The Longreach 70
Our unmanned aerial platform incorporates an on-board generator to facilitate significant sensing payload capability and real-time data processing for immediate decision making/action